Ownership and organisation

Kvarken Ports is a joint company owned by the City of Vaasa and Umeå Hamn AB with the purpose of operating the ports in Vaasa and Umeå with a wide range of services. The board consists of politicians and officials from Umeå and Vaasa.

The company Umeå Hamn AB owns the port infrastructure and the joint operations in the port of Umeå. In Vaasa, the City of Vaasa owns the port infrastructure.

You can find information about Umeå Hamn AB here.

You can find information about the City of Vaasa here.

Board members

Gunnar Dahlberg, chairman
Ombudsman, SEKO, union of service and communication employees

Fredrik Lundberg
CEO Umeå Kommunföretag

Jörgen Aronsson 
CEO Dåva-Dac

Maria Tolppanen
Chairman of the Board, City of Vaasa

Mattias Larsson
Group Leader, Center Party in Umeå

Mikael Hallbäck
Managing Director, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce

Tiina Haapala
Managing Director, AHA Logistics Ltd

Jari Karjalainen
Director of Technical Service, City of Vaasa

Mats Nilsson
Employee Representative, Umeå

Jan-Peter Viklund
Employee Representative, Vasa